If you want to have a modern and wonderful kitchen but you have small space for it, you can try these ideas. In this post we will give you some ideas and tips to decorate your small space kitchen to be as wonderful and optimum as possible without lessen its performance. Let’s start the tips!

First, before you make a decoration for your kitchen, you need to devise your floor plan. You need to measure the distance between furniture and also the location where you will put the furniture. This will help you to decorate your small space kitchen to be as optimal as possible. Second, you need to manage and create more space. For example, you can remove the wall or replacing unnecessary furniture. This will make your kitchen looks larger and comfortable for your cooking place. Third, you can consult with a kitchen designer about the decoration you want to make on your kitchen. This will help you to better plan the decoration.

Fourth, you can use space saving storage. For example you can use kitchen cabinet that is attached to your high wall to save more space on the lower part. You can also use vertical storage idea to save more space for the kitchen. The last but not least, you can use color and light combination that can give both lovely look and larger sensation. Combining bright color and natural wooden color on your kitchen can be a nice example that you try. So, what do you think about these ideas? If you have other ideas, please don’t hesitate to let us know on the comment!


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