Everyone wants to have special interior design in their home. Absolutely it relates to the environment and the place that we can feel enjoy. If you a creative person who love to make your home become more special, you may interest to this creative design by Aqua Creations. A home is a place to living and having enjoyment inside. The good inspiration of home interior design by Aqua Creations is Anana Furniture Pieces.

Anana Furniture Pieces is a home interior design that modifies some furniture in home like a sofa and a bench. Then, the sofa and bench are created and designed with unique form of pod covered. Or it seems like a unique form a pile of soft ball. Anana Furniture Pieces are a hand-made from the fabric utilizing. As the result, Anana Furniture Pieces produces the unique forms of the enjoyable sofas and benches. The softball design of sofas and benches give the sensational relaxation in home.

Beside of the general function of getting enjoyable relaxation, this unique furniture of sofa and bench also has special function. That furniture also becomes good decoration with beautiful view in your home. It is available in some elegant colors like ash color, white color, green tosca, and various colors in one sofa or bench.


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