This two bedroom apartment is dominated with white and pastel color. Those colors make this apartment looks so bright and it’s able to reduce lighting in each room. Measured by pretty small size on 936 square feet and located on Stockholm, it’s designed by Scandinavian model with some simple yet elegant furniture. Big windows makes this room seemly larger than its original size. And of course, the glass wall is a great way for the owners to view outdoor look 24 hours a day. It’s like the window to the outer world. Short and simple furniture that are chosen by its owner also create this room as bigger outlook like the cozy grey sofas mixed with clean white sofa.

Considering the room isn’t that large, there’s no border among its rooms. It can be seen that kitchen is mixed with dining room. Hence, the owner can cook and prepare the dinner while at the same time other members of family are gathering for watching television. Both of them are able to see different activities each other. It’s a smart way to manage small room so that it can look a bit bigger and spacious. Meanwhile, the door’s made bigger so the room seems larger as well. The main bedroom is a gala. Corner sofa placed right to the big glass window is completing this luxurious bedroom. Considering the area is limited, the bedroom has only few furniture.

Some decorations are hanged on the wall artistically. For recommendation, please to choose simple pictures with neutral color in order to suits with ornaments and other furniture at room. This room is cozy as its floor is given soft carpet with similar color. Warmness is shown by this carpet and the apartment is the best place, not only for gathering with family, but also relaxing from hectic on the working place.


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