Woitek Lazarowicz, a Polish designer, designed a very exceptional contemporary desk named Saska. Saska desk is created with a goal to make a breakthrough on functional desk in a Scandinavian style. Lazarowicz created this remarkable desk with only 1500 euro.

Inspired from the Scandinavian style, a style from mid-century designs, this handmade desk is created with veneer and oak wood. The legs are also made uniquely very authentic in a Scandinavian feel. The combination from the colors of the desk is so natural, white and light woods are just a perfect combo.

Instead of only accentuating a Scandinavian style, this desk offers its practicality. The drawers of the desk are located under and on top of the table. Those drawers will help you organizing your stationary. You do not need to worry about being untidy.

You can place Saska desk in your home office or studying room. It will help you find a relaxing mood for working or studying with the light style, material and colors. So, what do you have to wait? The price is just a merit that you can have by those features and functions from Saska desk. You can have this desk with its elegance and functionality.


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