A modern technology of iPhone influences this word with bringing many features for consumers. Today, we will present the new innovation of Saidoka, a dynamic and simple design by Bluelounge. Saidoka is the exact choice for a busy businessman. It is caused of the simple model and simple usage of Sidoka for iPhone’s charging.

Saidoka consist of a cable that connects to USB port from computer or adapter. This unique device of Saidoka also has multifunction. It is not only becomes a charging dock, but also becomes a soft-case for your lovely iPhone. Additionally, it also makes the user easier to place the iPhone into the Saidoka device. Automatically Saidoca can hold your iPhone on tight without a sticky adhesive, because this modern device also completed with micro-suction. The excellent feature micro-suction is a high-technology from Japan.

For other special function, Saidoka also can be a part of desk decoration. With the soft texture and cool color, Saidoka also can be a desk accessory in two elegance colors of black color and white color. The spectacular design of Saidoka is the best idea for people who like modern technology. Especially for iPhone enthusiasts, don’t be doubtful to take this modern technology. It will give advantages for you and your beloved iPhone.


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