Modernity has no limit in kitchen design. This statement is proved by the existence of board kitchen. It is a creative design of kitchen by Pietro Arosio. In this global economic trend, Board kitchen is still designed as modern kitchen. It means that the board kitchen is designed with boarding room which it is covered in modernity. This kitchen has inspired for the Snaidero manufacturer of Italian kitchen.

This boarding kitchen idea is more flexible to use in home. It becomes a good solution for managing space in home rooms. Different from the other general kitchen, this boarding kitchen has an extra-ordinary appearance. From the design style, this kitchen is completed with modern properties, but in the other hand, this kitchen still uses wood material to make the board-wood for the kitchen floor. This one traditional wooden floor is for qualifying the essence of boarding kitchen that comes from the term of “board”.

The, the special identity of this board kitchen is having component that out of kitchen criteria. The extra-ordinary components of the kitchen are in modern facilities. Those are: modern shelf, modern dining table, modern wash basin, and the special single bed for relax. The wash basin is also completed with table and chairs. The wash basin is connected to the beautiful wall. The beautiful wall also colored in different color options like white, tosca, and gray


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