One more about an amazing kitchen design, it is from the famous kitchen manufacturer of Warendorf. The new innovation of this amazing kitchen is a minimalist kitchen that has been designed by Piet Boon. Relate to the popularity as a famous designer, Piet Boon also familiar as the Dutch designer with the title of “master craftsman”. With the craftsman’s skill, Warendorf launch a minimalist kitchen for the dynamic living.

This unique design of Piet Boon’s minimalist kitchen is a good combination between the using of natural palette with soft colors and fine quality of the materials. The soft color of white is for coloring the wall, the countertop, the cabinet, wash basin, dining table, chairs, and light. The soft color of gray is for coloring the floor, the cabinet, and the countertop. Then, there is also a countertop featuring cabinet in the light brown color.

As the result, this trendy kitchen that is designed by Piet Boon is an art design that has high quality of kitchen design. It is not only an ordinary kitchen, but it also an enjoyable room for refreshing. It is caused by the beautiful view of glass wall. The glass wall in the kitchen gives the beautiful landscape around the kitchen. So, the activities of cooking, washing and dining in the kitchen become fascinating activities.


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