In Kungsholmen island, especially in Lake Malaren, Stockholm city, you can find your best penthouse. This penthouse is in both sixth and also top floor of the old building. The building was created in 1986 so you know how ancient yet artistic this penthouse. Penthouse can be used for big family since it has 1,960 square foot. Those are divided into six rooms which are four bedrooms (one of them is added on the living room), and couple bathrooms. It’s built by attic design which makes some windows are small yet it bright the room because of the sunlight. Sofa is managed by U-shaped which can be seated by many people warmly. This penthouse is the best place for family gathering.

The room’s dominated by neutral colors such as black, red, and white. Its warm carpet is chosen with dark color so it won’t make it dirty easily. On Mezanine room, it’s put flat television that’s saving the room well. Interesting furniture from this room is its table which shapes S alphabet. It’s long table with small size. Applying small and short furniture, the room looks larger so it will make you convenient for staying with some numbers of families.

Its bedroom is also placed between Mezanine and it looks classic with some pictures and old model of reading lamps. You can also relax yourself in the bedroom as it’s provided a chair for relaxing your backbones. Get out of the bedroom, you’ll find a small yet cozy balcony. It has sofa and big umbrella which enables you to just sit or searching for any ideas. The bathroom is pretty unique with some places to sit. It’s made of ceramic with some properties insides such as shelf for keeping bathroom stuffs, washing machine, and hangers. You can enjoy in bath up that’s served with television.


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