If you live in a place that is surrounded by the greeneries and you get to enjoy the green view freely and easily, you may want to live in this Villa BH designed by Whim Architecture. This architecture company is located in Rotterdam and it designed the Villa BH for its natural and peaceful setting. The project alone covers 2,874 square feet area and it was completed in 2010. The exact spot is in Burgh-Haamstede, in Netherland.

From the exterior look alone, this villa exudes serene and peace. The building is simple with one arrangement setting, but it is surrounded by glass walls. The roof and the basic structure are made of solid wood, creating nice combination of traditional and modern feel. The overall shape of the villa is square with center yard in the middle of the building. This setting creates spacious feeling in every corner of the villa.

Since it is surrounded by the glass walls, you are free to enjoy all the natural elements. You can enjoy the natural lights that are flooding in, providing natural lighting aspect. Including in the evening, the natural setting can be enjoyed as well thanks to the minimalist yet natural lighting set making the whole building warm. You can also enjoy the surrounding views with its green element. The dominant color is white, which makes everything more harmonious and peaceful.

The overall interior design comes in open space model, but since there are corner and tricky shapes, it looks like the house comes with partition – while in reality, it is not! That’s the great thing about the design of the house – everything is arranged in very clever manner and arrangement. The furniture included is very simple and not extravagant at all, but somehow it creates this stylish and chic styling. if you want harmony and peace, you come to the right place.

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