Yes, renovated by House design, the enchanting house in Taiwan looks so outstanding. Really, with little budget in renovating this home, the well strong construction in a big size is still gotten. It is best decision rather than renewing all structure of the home that needs much budget. So for you who consider renovating the home, the stunning design from House Design is the enchanting reference.

Actually this home consists of four storeys which is decorated with white painting in the whole building touched by the pink screen. From the facade, the narrow space is used as the overhang with classical sense of the wood in the wall. With the greenery, you will find the fresh space in that narrow space. Moving to the living room, the simple brown sofa and small ottoman is used with the artistic picture hung in the wall as a nice accentuation. The gleaming screen is portrayed by the white ceramics in the flooring and glass wall.

In the staircase, the opened wooden shelf is used to have functionalist partition. The wooden staircase is used to match the wooden drawer. While the small potted blooming greenery is put to get beautiful view. The wooden kitchen island in the lovely kitchen is combined with the hue chair to get nice dining. The large bedroom is touched by the potted green greenery near the glass sliding door. Enchantingly, the translucent aquarium which turns in the wall is adorned in the bathroom under the sink. So breathtaking right living in this home!


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