Ever wanted to get away from your mundane life to a place of lush scenery? You’re in the right place, whether you want a monthly holiday or just a weekly snooze, Mandarin Oriental Rivera Maya is just for you! It is only 26 miles away from the south of Cancun; you’ll never find a more lavish Mexican beach and resort anywhere else, well except Mexico. It spans across 36 acres (for adults only) along the Mexican Caribbean Coast, you’ll die and go to heaven by seeing the type of natural beauty that is around there.

The atmosphere is absolutely tranquil to say the least. The Mexican resort is built in a minimalist temple design that blends in heritage and sleek architecture in a harmonious way. It is a luxury beach holiday that can attract couples from anywhere from across the continents in a dizzying array. The suites have installations by local artists and are around the art courtyards, while the other relaxation accommodations are around the edges of the lagoons.

The design for every room is basically same throughout. Presidential Suites with three bedrooms has a pool and a spa all inside the whole package, while those who want everything to themselves can also book Beach Bungalows.

The floors are garnished with granite, the counters are made with marble and the delicate bed is adorned with white linen sheets, paintings are hung to offset the minimalism and colors such as orange and brown are used for furniture and décor purposes. The spa, though is pure heaven. The accommodations provided in there are inspired by the natural elements, with heat and water therapy and different relaxation areas. The treatments provided in there are purely Mayan tradition and leave one soothe and smelling in a mixture of compelling herbs that one can only find on the beaches of Mexico.

One of them is the Mayan Tzolkin Ritual, it’s two hour long, where you are supposed to choose which type of herb plant you like by strolling in the garden area, then the same herb is used for different massages that are incorporated into the ritual.

The dine-in area offers the best regional food there is to offer, almost everything can be found in the menus. Activities available from horse-back riding to golfing, hiking, fishing, sailing and even scuba diving. Boating and wind surfing is also there, for those who are a bit more adventurous than others. The best thing is that everything is almost lost in a rainforest, a jungle filled with nature for those who want to go hiking and trekking for adventure.

The whole atmosphere is completely beautiful and breathtaking, but it cannot be fully put into words. But rather experienced firsthand at the resort itself, everyone is so welcoming that you’ll feel right at home. You’ll find the Caribbean Sea so close that you can touch it – literally. It is almost a fabulous hideaway, to get away from the stress of work and parenting, leave those things back at home and come to the resort and fulfill your wildest dreams under one roof.