Orb lights are the fanciest thing one could get hold of – and if you think you can only get them at gift shops: then behold, mes amis, for you are very much mistaken. These fantastic orb lights can be got hold of – wait for it – right at your place. No, nobody’s going to deliver them to you. What we’re telling you is: you can make them yourself.
Surprised? Don’t be. Below is provided the astounding tale of the unfolding of this mystery – though it’s not much of a mystery, rest assured.

So folks, get hold of some hundred to hundred-and-fifty white cupcake liners, standard size will do, the same amount of vertically striped petit four papers, paper lantern, a Hemma cord and of course, a super hot glue gun. Yeah, you need that many raw materials because it’s going to be big – and awesome. The bigger the better, right?
So then, get thee to work. What you have to do, basically, is hunt down a lantern sized about 18-20 inches and place it in a shallow bowl – the circumference of the lantern does not have to be the same as that of the bowl you’re using. Or, you can simply use a huge bowl, setting up a lantern is effecient light-wise, but we believe it’s more like much ado about nothing. So, after you get the bowl going, arm yourself with the hot glue gun, and ont he count of one, two, three: shoot! Since you’re lacking in bullets (and also since bullets don’t work half as good as glue does with regards pasting things), paste glue to the backsides of the cupcake liners, leaving due spaces between the liners.

Once the liners have been pasted on the bowl, proceed to pasting them in similar fashion onto the lamp. If you’re not using a lamp, as per our suggestion heretofore, use another bowl of the same size on top of the earlier bowl to give it a spherical apparel. A better trick would be to attach two huge plastic bowls (you can get them for pretty cheap, actually, so it’s better than using a lantern!) together with tape or some other adhesive before pasting on the cupcake liners. The lanterns are used basically for the lighting, and as a substitute for that we would suggest using a bulb of high power inside the plastic bowl – of course you have to cut a way through the bowl’s bottom to get the bulb through – so it’s hard work either way. Whether you use a lantern or a bulb: one thing is certain: no pains, no gains.

To move forward, turn your project upside down and paste the cupcake liners all over the to-be-decorated part as well. Make sure that the circular base of the liners is at least one inch apart from each other. The petit four papers are then to be attached centrally to each white paper, and to be flipped upside down later on. If you’ve attached a bulb, you need to get the wiring done; if you used a lantern, you just need to hang it from your roof, and voila!