You can not just have a dream of a comfortable house. This weather today very hot to feel of you know. Renovating your house to be a better one is a smart solution. The better solution is that you can have a house which give you a breezy wind sensation so you can start to think what things must be done. There is an open air outstanding home design for you specifically in tropical area. This design can guarantee you a comfortable atmosphere as long as you want to believe and try one or all these examples you will get a big benefit.

The first picture shows you about your back yard pool. This is a must for you to have a pool because you live in a tropical area. You can walk in its path while enjoying your fresh orange juice at evening or just put your feet in the cool fresh water on your pool. The living room can be made an open air room facing to the pool, to get amaximal breezy wind. The second picture gives you an inspiration of open air living room too which no wall border with the dining room.

It is good if you have an open air kitchen, it is useful for you if you are cooking a food and the smell will not stack in the kitchen. It is up to you.


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