The Forest Pond House is definitely a unique design done by TDO Architecture. If you see from a far, it would seem like a small but tall box located on the side of the pond. But it is basically a house with hall and narrow model that is claimed to be a peaceful and serene pond house by the designer. It’s like a personal building designed to allow private relaxing time surrounded by beautiful views inside the forest. Here, anyone may enjoy peace time or time to simply seek for inspirations.

This building is situated in rural area of Hampshire, and it is a place for meditation as well as kid’s den within the woods. Located on the bank of the pond, the house is designed in timber framing structure that is covered and then finished with glass, plywood, and copper. The total budget is £7,500, which is quite low for a building but it has resulted a stunning building. The building itself comes in single diagram with two main functions. The single diagram model is shaped by the surrounding forest, so there is a unique form to the overall structure of the building.

The unique thing about this house is the fact that it blends out the contrasting usage as well as the surrounding area to achieve striking and well balanced effect. For a starter, it is located in the dark area of the forest, but also in the bright spot of the pond. It incorporates angular and black sides of the forest as well as the glassy, curved, and light elements of the pond.

There is a falling ceiling with rising floor that is designed as kid’s corner. The building has this unique bright end with only a single light source as well as a bench, if you are looking for a personal time alone only with yourself.

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