Many people have the misconception that the old brick fireplace is just suitable with the traditional house. It is the traditional concept of fireplaces that use brick accent style. This classic concept can be in a modern and contemporary room. To have your desired design, you may take a look into some fabulous work that can have a function in decorating the house and warming up the living room area.

You can successfully have a nature ambience in your own living room by combining the wooden walls and fine stone accent of the electric old brick fireplace. The brown natural color of the other furniture can perfectly add the cozy feeling. Alternatively, you can place the other brick fireplace idea by using the traditional beige brick accent of the fireplace. The beige tone of the stone accent wall can add the lively ambience in the neutral themed room.

Do you have a wonderful white themed room? Therefore, the black stones will amazingly decorate your elegance living room. The contrast color of black and white gives highlight to the modern design of the old brick fireplace. The earth toned stones on the wall can be an accent on the wall as well as the electric fireplace that is there. Alternatively, you can put the dark grey colored stones around the electric one.

The other great thing from the old brick fireplace design is that you can place the electric fireplace on the black stone accent of the partition wall. In this case, you may choose the transparent design of the fireplace so that it can connect the rooms. The entire stone accent wall is not only good for the area of the fireplace but also for the other furniture that may be hanged on the wall beside the old brick fireplace.

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