If you have the small area for living, you can use the area to make a natural island cottage that you can use to relax sometimes. Many people nowadays prefer to go to the beach and rent the cottage for their families for few nights. However, that situation will drain your money in an instant. Therefore, if you can make one, why do not you make one? The small cottage will be great when you have some guests coming to your house.

For your consideration in building the cottage, the size of the cottage does not to be big. The 40 meters square cottage is more than enough for the concept. Since this is only a cottage and not the residential house, you can use the wooden walls. If you make build the natural island cottage, you should not forget to put the terrace on the layout. The terrace will be great if you want to relax. For the inside, make sure that you only use the important rooms such as bedroom and bathroom. One bedroom is enough. You just need to use the multifunctional sofa bed considering the small size. While for the kitchen and dining room, you can join them together in a single room.

If you have done with the interior design on the house, you might want to go to the exterior part of the cottage. For the exterior, make sure that you spare some space it is either in the back part of the cottage or in the front part. The front part of the natural island cottage can be used to make a small pond for the beauty of the cottage. If you have the spare space in the back of the cottage, you can use it for the barbeque or other similar activities with your friends and families.

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