Interior design is the important thing to do for everyone who loves beauty. There are lots of interior design you can choose to apply in your interior, ranging from classic, luxury, cozy or minimalist. If you are looking for luxury design, you can see Moroccan decoration style for your house. Moroccan style is very interesting and suitable to apply in any room spaces. You can create this style by adding strong Moroccan element and accent. This style also really suitable if you want to set it in your dining room. If you choose this room to change the style, there are some references of elements and accents you can follow.

The most influential thing in the Moroccan design style is the use of wall color scheme, such as turquoise, red, gold, yellow and blue. Those colors can be mix as one with some elements of Eastern patterns of textiles. Moreover, you can also use pendant lamp of Moroccan. The pendant lamp of Moroccan comes in many variant of shapes, usually those are shaped lantern. You can hang it over the dining table in group or separately. The function of pendant lamp here can give romantic impression in your dining room. If you want luxury impression, you can focus on decorating ceiling by painting with pretty pattern or beautiful motif or you can also use silk curtain.

The right color for the ceiling in this style is bright color of red, blue or orange. The last important thing in Moroccan style is carpet or rug. It will greatly add Moroccan style in your dining room. The other strong Moroccan decoration style in your dining room is the use of arch shape, this is the key style of the design. You can create the arch style on the door or on the window.

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