Do you live in a dull and monotonous environment devoid of colors, Colors that can lighten up your mood and provide you with optimistic approach towards your life? Colors hold paramount importance in our lives and should be present, especially in our homes, and in the walls surrounding our living room, TV lounge etc. to revitalize our mood. There are many ways in which you can paint your walls and also use your aesthetic sense to create your own patterns and designs and display chiaroscuro or amalgamate different patterns and texture to make an abstract art. It totally depends on how you prefer your home to be designed; however, we can certainly provide you with some options and ideas for wall art which can get you started.

The first design that you can use for wall art is by amassing paper towel tubes in a three dimensional pattern to make different shapes such as a floral network and then utilize it as wall art. It can have stunning appearances depending upon the finesse in your hands which may ameliorate with time.
Another idea for wall art can be the utilization of rippled plastic sheets with little cupcake flowers ingrained on them. This idea can also be further manipulated or enhanced by adding orange thumbtacks onto the center of the cupcakes bringing a more vibrant look. You can arrange the cupcakes horizontally, vertically or at any angle you please to produce a beautiful pattern.

You can also use potatoes and turn them into stamps to form a large arrange array of vibrant and colorful polka dots and arranging them at equidistant place to produce an affordable yet a highly visually stunning wall art.
You can also haphazardly place beautiful and colorful ceiling rosettes on your wall to produce magnificent wall art with the help of some wallpaper.

Poster strips can also be used to produce cut wallpaper squares which can also look good as wall art and the use of complementary colors for such a wall art can provide you with great contrast.
Ready to test your skill of an inherent Pablo Picasso in you, lift the paintbrush and muster up some valiant strokes on the wall and create your own wall art by taking help from your imagination and you could also take help from the DIY Chevron art project.
For additional chevron ideas you can wrap shoe boxes with cut wallpapers and then creating an unorthodox wall art.
You can also search for small items that would make beautiful patterns of silhouettes and create a silhouette art by spray paint and other tiny things.

The Painter’s tape can be used to create stunning geometrical designs such as overlapping triangles and other shapes of such sorts. For a similar design, you can also use light shades of colors such as white and creating crisscross patterns.
Yu can also color overlapping triangles and create new ostentatious design creating a vibrant wall art which can be an eye candy for the viewer.
White porcelain plates can also be used to produce vintage wall art by painting them with beautiful colors and then hanging them on to the walls.