Fashion and interior design always become trend in each year, and all people having competition in following the trend each year. Do not worry, because in fact, fashion and trend are in circle line. It means that, any kinds of fashions that has already outdated today could be the new trend again even popular again in about 20 years. Prove it if you do not believe it. Retro is making something from the past, means that modify the trend in the past to make contemporary spaces.

retro style with panacheby Country Club Homes

Modify kitchen is the perfect choice in taking the hint of retry because it did not need to change the hole theme of your house. If you interest in retro your kitchen, so 2014 is the right year to make it become true.

Vintage Vs Retro

So many people has confuse with both words, it is not problem because it is their opinion, and an opinion is free. But it is important to know the basic meaning of both vintage and retro. Vintage is any kinds of furniture that has been used more than 20 to 30 years old and retro is modern things that can remind you in the past, so it can be called by past pieces.

vintage wood and shaker cabinet complement stylish kitchen

pendant light for pop up orange accentby Meredith Ericksen

hot retro kitchen with pop up color

You do not need to worry anything in designing your retro kitchen. You can put some various elements from different eras, it can be 20s to 80s. Then you can incorporate them in your retro kitchen and you will find an amazing retro that you ever seen.

retro glamor by using tiles

bungalow design in elegance using cabinetby Brunelleschi Construction

perfect retro kitchen idea

by Rick O’Donnell Architect

vertical lines to transform the spaceby John Malick & Associates

pale yellow and red design interior kitchenby Hammer & Hand (image)

unique flooring motif for retro kitchenby Crogan Inlay Floors

Make the Connection with Bold Color

Make your retro diners from about 60s and the 70s. Those two styles will make you feel back to the old eras. Combining it with bolt color like orange and white can make it more beautiful.

white and orange for trendy retro colorby Big Chill

retro bar tool in playful and funky colorsby Knight Architects

vivacious kitchen idea

If you are not happy enough with your retro kitchen, you can have more extravagant fashion by adding a coco-cola motif.

red kitchen for new yearby the ottoman empire

splash color for kitchenby Louise de Miranda

vintage decor and retro styleby A. Dodson’s

retro freezer for modern kitchen

modern retro kitchen with blue and turquoise colorsby Jeff Jones Snap It Photography

Use Modern Twist to Make a Classic Design for Your kitchen

If you are uncomfortable with the retro design for your kitchen, you can make one or more special pieces, such as: smeg refrigerator and other and give some match color with it. it will make it better.

apple green for attractive retro kitchenby Applegate Tran Interiors

bungalow design in elegance using cabinetby Sarah Phipps Design

modern ergonomics for retro design and colorsby Wren Living

Every people have different style in deciding which ear that they want. It can be 50s, 70s, and other. All of them will make your retro kitchen beautiful and perfect. So, choose an are that you want and make your own retro kitchen.

charming mid-century modern design

instant focal point with kitchen cart

polished art deco for popular designby Mal Corboy Design and Cabinets

cool breakfast nook for kitchen decorationby Mercury Mosaics and Tile 

usher with chinaware for modern retro designby Bradshaw Designs

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