This Vienna Way Residence is located on a large green lot in Venice, California. It looks strong and beautiful and can be an inspiration for many structural designs, houses and buildings. It was build and designed by Los Angles based builder Marmol Radziner. He made it for his young family, and it’s a dream house for a family. The house incorporates within in different styles, essentially it is them that make it stand out. It is not like other conventional buildings, it in an infusion of designs from all around the world. It’s 4,100 sq.ft architecture makes it an ideal and perfect example of indoor – outdoor living. The magnificent home has been divided lengthwise into a few thirds with the one – story wing on the south uniting and with the two – story wing on the north all the way through a sunken kitchen, which is located right in the center and which also makes it a focal point for all the right reasons.

On the inside, stylish and graceful furnishings in wood hug the interior of the house. This is made to blend beautifully well with the wide – ranging use of glass and all those well – designed sharp edges that make this house smolder with appeal and individuality. The other stand – out feature of this house is its amazing swimming pool – one that literally makes you think that you are at an oasis in the middle of an exotic land. The fashionable lap pool plays the perfect host for any parties that you are going to be throwing for your friends, family or other guests.

It’s bold color sequences and sharp design makes the building look powerful and omni – present. If you want to live in a setting which speaks for itself, adopt your structure on this style. If you are all big on design and have the money for it, this is your house to build. Created with a complete vision of an ideal outdoor residence in mind, and a complex foundation and striking overall structure, living in this house would be like a dream come true.

It is build on a different structure, not something found in your usual outdoor residences. So, if you’re all in for a change and a new look, then model your house on this one.
The countertops of the kitchen classify the area as well as providing an attractive community gathering area for those involved in the preparation of the mouth – watering food. A pass – through is also present and specifically made within the house and this provides an easy way to provide the starving swimmers and party – goers with your foodstuff and libations.
The lack of space to yourself may or may not be suitable to your taste, but all those fancy facilities and the general design of the Vienna Way Residence make for an incredible retreat, one that you could only vision of before.

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