Now, we are going to discuss about the beautiful interior design with Moroccan style in your bathroom. This beautiful and modern Moroccan design can be the reference for you to present inspiring bathroom design. The style of Moroccan gives you interesting view. This is not difficult if you want to apply the style in your house, especially in the bathroom. You just need to add and apply some accessories of Moroccan, such as beautiful motive of ceramic and pendant lamp. If you apply this style, your bathroom will look really luxury. Moreover, the most important thing for designing the bathroom of Moroccan is about the color scheme.

Modern Moroccan design which is really stunning and interesting is not only in the material terms, but also in the color and the architecture. The feature of curved door and window of the bathroom are usually painted in bright color, such as red, blue, yellow or orange. The colors of Moroccan style decoration give a luxurious look or even the bathroom with this style color scheme can be a rich and bold. The bathroom can be painted entirely in one color and fitted with dark wood carving, but it also can use more colorful by applying two bright colors, such blue, purple and yellow. You can also add other accessories in the bathroom, such as carpet or rug on the floor.

For lighting, you can use pendant lamp or wall lamp with middle-east style. For the romantic touch, you can add some candle in the edge of the bath up, while you can add wide mirror to give elegant impression. Modern Moroccan design for bathroom is truly suitable for you who love luxury and elegant style. the design style is really inspiring ideas for you. Let’s copy and apply it in your house.

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