When you look for enchanting and stylish interior design, the modern Duplex apartment in Manhattan, California can be the eclectic reference. Really, you can feel durable staying in this apartment. It is because the interior is fulfilled with the modern and luxurious furniture. Located in the middle of the city, this apartment offers strategic location that enables you to go to pivotal center.

As we can see here, the living room in the penthouse with the glass wall offers nice ambiance. You can enjoy the miniature of the city through the translucent view. The stunning ambiance is portrayed by the comfortable furniture such as smooth sofa, sleek ottoman, and glass table. Going to the kitchen and dining room which is not separated by the partition, you will find the sophisticated appliance. There are stainless table, drawer, poufs, table, and chair.

Going to the bathroom, you will find the gleaming screen and immaculate ambiance. Of course, you will have cool soak and bathing in this space. The bedroom with smooth sofa bed offers crazy sleeping. In every single space in this apartment, the LED lighting is used to get chromatic spout in the night. Let’s leave your doubt to stay in the apartment like this design!

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