Nowadays modern house is very popular among people. These outstanding houses mainly located in Australia. Here this house is known as the Banya house. It is a stylish residence situated in Brisbane, Australia. It was a house plan constructed by TONIC and the central idea was to develop a look alike urban spring.

It’s an area designed for leisure and it is designed as the owner will not be disturbed by the outside world in a word no connection with outside world. There are many beautiful features that gives this estate so amazing.

The building was constructed in the middle of a courtyard. For this reason the courtyard can be seen from all the rooms of the house and this design brings calm and quiet atmosphere. Additionally, there is a connection between the outdoor and indoor area, but it’s surrounded by the walls made of glass and windows.

The social area and drawing areas are linked to the middle of the courtyard and the entrance garden and both of the yard has entrance. The lawn area also has a swimming area and a nearby outdoor lobby space or terrace.
The walls which are towards the lawn area are entirely made of mirror.

For this design the entire house is always bright and one thing is there is no privacy and no need of window. The center of the house is divided into many areas. The drawing areas are the main attraction point because of their capacity to accessible to the outside areas. The house is full of modern fittings and amazing furniture.

All are modern and stylish. The outdoor lawn brings a refreshment feelings. You can lead a life of peace and pleasant in this house without any problem. Your family will also like this amazing house. All the rooms has enough spaces. You can use these space anyway you can.

The flat is certainly like a garden in the center of the city. The design is so amazing that it fits beautifully to the region. And the most important thing is the design of the house is very flexible and user-friendly.

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