Do you see how this Moscow-located apartment looks so revolutionary? It brings the newly-invented interiors. Geometrix Design brings this idea home. The owner of the apartment only asks for having exposed walls, but the result is just so holistically awe-inspiring. Creating a contemporary interior décor by hearts, that just makes the composition of materials, colors, and grains are carefully considered into how they can become.

The revolutionary line in this apartment brings minimalist effect to its home furniture design, the varied colors in pallete also just comes naturally and creates a special aura in the apartment. It just looks simple yet very astonishing. Looking at the wallls, they are extremely odd in a nice way. Alcantra panels also have something exclusive with its carve-thingy aspect. All elements in this apartment fully grab our single attention. Each home interior just becomes a masterpiece completing the apartment design itself.

You may take a note from this apartment design as one of new insights that shows a very original work from a devotee of innovative contemporary design. We can see from the pictures how the apartment looks very well-proportioned in minimalist home interior décor. It is worth seeing. So, have you gotten some inspirations from this apartment?


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