The designers from CWB Architects made this upstate New York. The accent for this house is how the owner feels the nature inside and outside. There will be an expectation of hearing a cove stream and seeing trees near the house. This house in indeed constructed for the owner who loves nature.

Starting with the aim of capturing every single scenery from the beauty of nature, the designers consider to take the owner’s visualization on nature to its interior designs. Then, what is so incredible is that CWB Architects made the expectation of the owner’s visualization become all real in the surroundings of the house.

The house is also made from cedar that is very carefully constructed in artistic touch. The doors are made in glass. The contrast of the materials even complement each other. The entire rooms are filled up in their own warmth and coolness. The interior designs also suit the spirit of the house. The bedroom is designed romatically with a touch of floral pattern.

This house is very rural in its look but providing a modest modernity. The nature can blend freely with designed home interior. Also, this house captivates everyone’s heart because of the warm feeling that you can have. Very inviting!


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