Time is money that is the term that many people know to honor the time every day. That is why all people need clock to know the time. You must know that there are lots of clock designs in the store, ranging from digital to analog style, but have you ever seen the unusual analog clog? There is an unusual clock design by J.P. Meulendijks, which is named Mocap wall clock. This is a kind of unusual clock that seems so visible, clear and detail when you see it in distance, but you will be surprised when you walk near the clock, the number of the clock looks so absurd.

Mocap wall clock is quite big you can set on the wall, you can see it from the distance and you will know the time runs well. The basic color of the clock is matte black and the number of the clock is made from white ball. This is new innovation of technology that creates the illusion, it combines modern and futuristic element, so that it create something unusual and unique. If you look the clock nearly from left and right side, you will see the messy white ball, they never show you the arrangement of number shaped, but if you stand in front of the clock straightly, you must be amazed, the white ball set as number shaped neatly. You can set this clock in strategic area of your room space, since this the size is quite big, so that you can see the time from any part of your room.

If you want new innovation in your house, you can choose Mocap wall clock as the right choice. It can be a time sign and as the wall accessories in a same time. Now, the time is yours with this unusual clock.


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