Do you think of not having much furniture to fill up your small house or apartment? Now, with an advanced thought of designing modern furniture to help you make a compact space, you do not need to worry. There is contemporary furniture that is designed by Duffy London named MK1 table that helps you save some spaces for your small house or apartment.

Designed as a coffee table originally, the MK1 table is also functioned as a dining table. Can you imagine how practical this table is? The design is rather intricate but it lets you to alter in any function you want to have. The table is made from varied wood such as walnut, oak, ash, and birch plywood with sleek lines on every detail.

The MK1 table is made in varied colors, available in natural wood, black, and white with some simple finishing lines to let you define the nuance of your designated room. Especially with this unique design that can be transformed easily into a different type of function, this table will be a centerpiece for your home furniture. Are you interested to include this table into account for signifying your small house or apartment? Why not? It is very space saving!


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