If you first see this Bacopari House, you will think that this modern and contemporary house is quite rigid and solid. All is covered in concrete. But if you look further, you will see that the remaining parts of the house is actually covered in big glass walls, so the concrete blocked façade on the front is only hiding the true glassy structure. Nothing is blocking the house for being the coziest place for all family members. If you want unique and one of a kind house, this house is definitely the answer.

This sophisticated house is designed by UNA Arquitetos and completed in 2012. It is situated in Sao Paulo, Brazil. As it was mentioned before, the dominant material is glass. Such design is implemented so the inhabitants can enjoy the surrounding vegetation even when they are indoor. Not only the design is contemporary and sophisticated, the result of such design is serene and peaceful. Not to mention also natural, if you go into the environmental thing.

The house comes in two stories design with basically rectangular or boxy shape. However, there is open space right in the middle so you get to enjoy the outdoor atmosphere and air, while enjoying your private moment on the middle porch. Yes, this middle area is used as porch as well as vegetation spot since there is pond and vegetation right in the middle. Despite the modern design, this house also implements wooden element so there is homey, cozy, and warm atmosphere in it. Wooden element for instance is strong along the corridor on the second floor which is used as library. This has beautifully matched the glass element of the big window near it.

The combination of dark and warm colors such as black and dark gray, look harmonious and stylish with earthy tones like dark brown or pale cream.

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