This unique house is situated in Krakow of Poland. This house is combination of modern and ancient interior is just amazing.

It is located in mountain is surrounded with amazing view. The house is made with geometric design, for this it gives an amazing look. It is 860 square space. It is mainly made for a single family. But it looks spacious for its design. It has three levels. The house is full of terraces and spaces.

The silver, curvaceous space form a garage in one side and a pool on the other side. The two structures are connected by an 18 meter long footbridge. This foot bridge gives multidimensional overhanging look of the house. The design is elegant and modern. The drawing area is located on the basement floor and has entrance to a huge terrace. It have all social areas which are the living area, kitchen, dining space. A fixed fireplace heat up the environment and links these areas.

The full house is made with glass walls which helps the social areas to get enough natural light and the glass also allows beautiful views of the encircling landscape and the mysterious hills. And the lighting inside and outside of the house is amazing. It’s subtle and fashionable. The lightning comes with different form like sculptural roof fixtures, corner lighting and other types of lighting.

The house is very much different from other house design. The three floor are awesome and has modern furniture fittings. All three floors has access to terrace. The house is surrounded with natural also has swimming it can be said that is a very cool place to spent holiday. This kind of interior design is unique.

All the furniture and the fittings are just outstanding. You will see every space has been utilized properly. Also you will see there is facilities for both winter and summer season. Also sunlight is enough for this house. The glass walls give the house a different look. Yes, the interior decoration is clean, smooth and translucent.

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