Anima Domus is a brand that is renowned for its beautifully crafted furniture. They are comfortable, practical and quality. Can be arranged by the pool, in the garden of beautiful trees or shrubs that give even more comfort and enjoyment.
Durability, comfort and aesthetics are combined in one area.

Romance of this beautiful furniture would make every yard, balcony, or other open space in the favorite place for resting, feeding, or just for a drink.
Elegance, which emits such furniture, has the same advantages that have furniture that use indoors. Once you have tried their convenience, you will not want to replace them for anything.

Temptation called Diamond
This lovely collection includes chairs low back and high back, stools, soft sofa, there is even a dining table with chairs.
The design is timeless; the composition is entirely from materials that withstand all the vagaries of the weather. Quick dry special foam pillow can be left outside all year round.
Furniture conquer your day with this modern look, and lounge on the high back is the secret weapon of this collection, making it the center of attention for you or your guests.
Babylon brings peace with you
This collection includes a chair, sofa, chairs, stools, and table. Although it is made of synthetic materials, it seems as if there rattan covers, and exactly this detail makes itself unique.
Cord and pillows are made from natural materials.

Chairs and armchairs Avalon
Avalon is suitable for both exterior and interior, while it’s brilliant and smooth design, sophisticated workmanship, stainless steel, and
Handmade artificial fiber seems to give a new touch to the world of contemporary fashion.
Avalon furniture is easy to move, allowing you to pack and removing them out whenever you want. Contrast that emits Avalon because of his dark design and white pillows is great combined with thin steel legs of this furniture.
Anima Domus – Abstract

Bubble Club by Philippe Starck in no way inferior to the furniture we listed here, but TOY we can say that abstract their view, the form that allows easy transportation, and manufacturing them fit perfectly with the atmosphere in every home, regardless of how you use it.
DIVINE can be used not only for the unexpected guest, but also as a decoration itself atmosphere. Production is manual and is made of polypropylene fabric, and can also be used for external and internal use.
Beautiful style of this furniture will give a – a modern environment of your home, or finding space around it.

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