A minimalist, classic, and elegant apartment is made in Vasastan, Gothenburg district, Sweden. This apartment is called classic as it’s built on the third floor of ancient building. Its building was previously hotel in 18 century and it’s then converted as condominiums in 2007. In the front, this apartment looks like a palace with a number of windows. This building’s dominated by white color with balcony for each room. Entering the apartment, you can walk into the stairs that are designed by a mixed modest and classic. Its floor remains using old ceramic with flowers outlook. Somehow, you’ll find different theme of floors once you come in the room. The bedroom applies ceramic for its floor and it keeps the room looks elegant.

Big and long cupboard will keep your stuffs during your reservation there. This interior is designed by hardwood. Another room is dining room which has some furniture, such as table and four chairs circled it. Then, you may sit in the sofa that’s designed by L-shaped. All these furniture are dominantly neutral colors. The best spot for this apartment is balcony which enables you to see views afar from the top. You may sunbathe here since there are some sofa are provided there. Some decorations are put in the balcony such as bucket of flowers which make this place can be used for romantic candle light dinner as well.

Classic, ancient, and yet beautiful building is in the front of balcony will enchanted you. That building looks like a sacred castle that’s really interesting to capture it as picture. Coming to the kitchen, you will see how complete properties inside. You can cook conveniently and then preserve in the dining room or balcony. In the bathroom, you can still see outside since its window is big and it’s good for natural lighting. This room’s dominated by black color and offered by washing machine.


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