Really, you can experience mesmerizing living in the Atenas 038 house which is located in Goiania, Brazil. The ingenious architect, Dayala Rafael, has developed creative idea in designing this home with contemporary concept. It is portrayed in the great building construction that can be seen at the façade. Surrounding this building, you will find the green grass and greenery that are spouted by the bright lighting in the ground. How a beautiful garden in the night!

Stepping in the on the overhang, you will be welcomed with the charming swimming pool which is fulfilled by the blue water. Of course, you will have crazy swimming in this space. Equipped with the basking seat, you can have cool sunbathing. Entering to the living room, you will find the immaculate space which is fulfilled with the stunning furniture. There are brown smooth sofa, rocking chair, and red table. The LED lighting spouts nice light in the night!

Going to the dining room and the kitchen which are built in the one space, you can have enjoyable dining and comfy cooking here. It’s due to the sophisticated furniture equipped in this space. There’re stainless kitchen islands, wooden table, strong countertop, and sleek poufs. Meanwhile, the bathroom is designed with the immaculate style to get cool bathing! Have an enjoyable living in this house!

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