Slovakia is the land of dreams. This country is full of historical event and architecture. Out of many beautiful antique buildings here is one awesome flat which is can be defined by 148 square meters of design, luxury and creativeness.

This stunning apartment situated in Piešťany, Slovakia. Developed by “at26” Design and construction group, this individual residence is so stunning that it can be used as a location for perfect Hollywood film.

The furniture with dark color and the bricks which are painted gives an excellent impact of interior design.

The flat is designed with light ceilings and original wood features. This flat have two big bedrooms, one of the bedroom connects with the kitchen, a drawing room and meal room, and the second bedroom has been combined with an office space, a bedroom space and a washroom.

The uncommon feature of this flat is very stunning, this design is not very common in interior decoration. It’s not about design, nor about the appliance.

Well it is the one only the part of the roof. You will not just can take your eyes off from it! Striking geometric forms add a charismatic effect in the drawing room space. The divided upholstered material couch and the coffee table made of steel, both invented by Patricia Urquiola will help to make you feel refreshed even after a bad day at job.

For lighting accessories, “at26” applied an extra-large floor light, LED metallic mounted-light, created by Bart Lens and spotlights. Tiles with feature of 3D white and black design are ideally included in the whole apartment, the stunning designs starts from the kitchen space, to the washroom and also over the bed.

And about the washroom, everyone falls in love of the design of the shower which is isolated from the washroom. And last surprise is the bedroom space is nearby to the washroom. It is also very near to the office space. This place is first choice for everyone who wants to work or have some time in private. For this reason designers joined a movable panel of wood that divides the bedroom from the other rooms if it is needed.

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