As time passes by, new trends crop up. Personal household are becoming more and more luxurious. The most affected by these trends are your master bathrooms. Master bathrooms now are a symbol of luxury. It is more of a feeling rather than anything. We know luxury or the likes, comes at a price which common people cannot afford.

So ‘freshome’ took the plunge to take care of your master bathroom and to help you not to spend a fortune. Little design touches which are pocket-friendly, will make a lot of difference to the overall appeal of your master bathroom and will ensure that you are satisfied.

So coming to the ideas, is your vanity a little bit outdated? Go and swap it out. The most important thing in a bathroom is the vanity. It is the attention grabber for every bathroom. If it is old and does not match the whole appeal of your bathroom it is time to change it.

If changing is an issue, then at least refresh the whole vanity by changing the material and color of the countertops, painting the cabinets etc just see to it that it the finishes are also overhauled like facets and the cupboards, the drawers everything. It should look new or at least feel new. Nowadays stainless steel finishes are the new trends. Its main advantage lies in the fact that it can be easily cleansed apart from looking classy and elegant.

Paint and colors are an integral part of any bathroom especially the master bathroom. A wrong choice can easily play the spoilsport. So choose colors wisely. If you are overhauling choose a different shade altogether. Adding storage spaces can also help and if you are a little bit short of money you can definitely try just swapping out or just playing with the accents like new shower curtains, floor mats, window curtains etc play with different patterns and textures.

Another thing you can invest on to make your master bathroom lively is installing mirrors. Mirrors make a closed space look big; you will feel the difference right away. Apart from this you can invest on lighting as we know it brings character and depth. Lighting showcases inside a closed space like a bathroom. Invest on lamp shades. And if you are in a super tight budget then using aroma or scents and simply cleaning your bathroom inside and out, will surely turn out positive.