For the DIYers, There comes the most interesting furniture trick, it inspires you, motivate you and offer you a great deal of Décor that too absolutely free.
Disassemble wooden Pallet and convert it into the single plate and there you go. It is bases for your innovation .let your creative mind convert this into a useable yet chic piece of furniture. You can create the look of your choice be it rustic, colorful like solid colors or plain, textured. You have plethora of choices and choose the best that goes with the interior of your place.
Tip 1: Use a plain glass to give plan pallet table a luxurious feel and add to the beauty of your living room. Get those wooden pallet sprays painted or white washed to align them to your living room.
Tip2: Convert that pale pallet in a study table with special places for drawers and make it look chic at your son’s place.
Tip 3: you can also think of creating a pallet island with it, where you will need 3 pallet, color and screws to secure it through. You can create the type of pallet you want and can coordinate using it the same color of your sofas.
Tip 4 : Are you among coffee lover or bed tea lovers , then you can also think of creating an oriental style coffee table. They are differently colored and use knobs to give you the color. You can also leave some space to make two drawers that can store cutlery and snacks.
Tip 5 : If you want to modernize your outdoor sitting area that you can think of using a pallet table with rustic wooden chairs colored in different hues to give the maximum style and décor to your green area.
Tip 6 : Create the best out of this pallet table by using it as sofa , connect this pallet with the half folded mattress and get the best look for this sofa.
diy sofa
Tip 7 : How about decorating the entire space and using it as built in space to make the most of it. This looks intelligent as you must require the additional space in your house.
Tip 8 : with maximum innovation you can also create a picture shelve out of this pallet thing , this is rustic and a perfect material for shelves. Let your creativity unfolds and start doing it.