Kitchen is a part of many parts that exist of the house that used in purpose to cook food for the member of the house. To make a delicious food, good feeling of the cooker has much influence in it. The kitchen décor may be use to create the good feeling of the cooker. There are many kitchen décors that offered by. The Meccacina kitchen décor is one of kitchen décors that exist. This kitchen has a look like a laboratory because of the atmosphere that given by bright white color of the wall. This is a unique kitchen that still rarely used in people’s house.

An example of meccanica kitchen décor designed by Italian kitchen company Demode is using the materials of iron and fabric as the main material to décor the kitchen. The iron material is used to be the tubular frame that outfitted by thin glass shelves. The outfitted thin glass used to make the iron have stain resistant. This is become the benefit of this kitchen décor because it has a long time and gret durability of the shelves. The fabric material is used to become the shelves’ doors. This material give the cooker easy of taking the items that needed in cooking process.

This Demode design of meccanica kitchen décor is a design of simple kitchen. The using of iron material that outfitted by thin glass as the shelves, make this kitchen easy to wash and removable. The design is also give more space to the kitchen member that can please the member to cook. The space is also suitable for many things to put or store. As the kitchen function, this kitchen may be can help to make food more delicious because of the atmosphere of the kitchen create good feeling of the cooker.

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