A minimalist house with open floor plan design can be a really nice place to live in. We found one example for you. It is a house that we found in Bordeaux, France. The house is called MaisonEcoleNormale and is designed by FABRE/deMARIEN Architects. It covers an area of 2,260 square feet. Let’s see more of the design!

The house is designed in minimalist and small size compared to the building around the house. The modern shape of the house with gray brick wall and perforated ventilation gives elegant. Going to the yard of the house, you will find green lawn on the side of the modern swimming pool. The combination between green nature theme and fresh water on the swimming pool is really comfort the eyes. Tables and chair on the yard provides an outdoor room for gathering and also dining outside the house. Comfortable lounges are designed to give a nice relaxation place for the inhabitant. You can also enjoy sunbathing on this lounge.

Floor to ceiling windows glass with wide sliding glass door opens up the room to the green yard. Natural lighting can easily get in the house that makes the rooms brighter. The modern living room and the elegant dining room are the perfect place to enjoy the outside view from inside the house. The elegant staircase will lead you the comfy and tranquil bedroom upstairs. This bedroom also has the access to the view outside through windows glass application. It is really a wonderful minimalist house that exploits the open floor plan design to bring beautiful view and atmosphere to the house.


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