Brick wall and concrete fuses harmoniously in this one private residence in Ixelles, Brussels, Belgium. It is Maison Franken that is designed by BekhorArchitecte. The house covers 3,230 square feet and located on the side ofa busy street. Let’s see the design!

The exterior of the house is covered in brick wall on the left side of the house and concrete wall on the right side. The house features three levels floor with wide windows glass that open up the house. The structure of the house also uses metal to solidify the building. This solid structure and exterior make the house can go through all seasons. The living room of the house with modern sofa, white brick wall, pendant lamps, and wooden floor is really comfortable and inviting. The family room with comfortable lounge and chair provides a nice place to lounge around.

The elegant dining room with wooden table and elegant stand lamp will give you the place to have unforgettable dining. Steel staircase will lead you the upper room of the house. The kitchen with planter decoration and wide windows glass that opens up the kitchen to the garden looks really alive. The brick wall with the decoration of bright color looks more interesting on the interior. So, what do you say about this house design?


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