When holiday comes, it is time to look for a villa to spend your holiday. A villa with luxury design and stunning nature view is just the exact villa that people always looking for. Here we found one for you. It is bayview villa located in Villefranche-sur-Mer, Côte d’Azur, on the French Riviera. The villa offers luxury design and facilities with stunning view over the Cap Ferrat. It will surely spoil your holiday.

The outdoor of the villa offers many outdoor rooms and relaxing facilities. The outdoor living room and dining room provides place for the guests to enjoy gather, chatting, and also dining with their family and friends while enjoying the sunlight and stunning view of the sea. Comfortable lounges that face to the exotic sea are really perfect to have sunbathing while overlooking the sea. The large swimming pool is really fresh for fun swimming. Stone facade on the exterior gives natural and beautiful look to the villa

The spacious living room with large modern sofa and floor to ceiling windows glass is really comfy place to gather with the amazing view in front. The interior design is really luxury with many modern furniture and lavish color combination. The bedroom with dark red theme is really elegant and romantic for you and your couple. The windows glass gives you the sensation of sleeping with sea view outside. The luxury bathroom with elegant tub will further spoil you with comfort during your holiday. What do you think?


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