The luxurious Miranove penthouse which is located in Columbus, Ohio offers crazy living. It’s due to the fascinating interior and exterior design transformed by Gwathmey Siegel. You can see that this building construction with storey concept becomes the main accentuation among the other buildings. Of course, by deciding to live here, you can get cozy spot to be stayed.

Entering to the living room, you will get the comfy ambiance reflected by stunning furniture. There are sleek brown sofa, wooden table, wooden rack, and brown ottoman. Those are compact combination, right? The ornamental painting is attached in the wall to vary the artistic view. Going to the second floor, you are provided by the concrete staircase that offers nice step.

Going to the dining room, your glimpse will fall in to the big painting which offers artistic vibe. Besides, the comfy chair and table are equipped to get delicious dining. The stand chandelier is put on the table to get romantic dinner. Moving to the bedroom, you will find the spacious space which is fulfilled with comfy furniture. With blue painting in big size, you will have no monotonous view sleeping in this space. Meanwhile, the bathroom is designed with immaculate screen to get cool bathing. Get ready to have cozy living by staying in this house!


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