Louis Vuitton has been famous for its brand in fashion. Originally from France, Louis Vuitton also had a fabulous fashion house named ‘La Maison au Bord de l’Eau’. It is a waterfront house that accentuates its elegance, simplicity and classiness at once. You can also how this house looks like a modern beach house in a resort area.

The idea of constructing this house started in 1934. However, the realization for this house came eighty years after. The white tent covers the central patio that is so widely open. The center of the house feels so airy and it is very suitable to enjoy the breezy air. Many wooden materials are used to make interior and exterior designs to define the natural touch in that house. Home décor is also designed with fun sea hints to explore more nature compositions.

‘La Maison au Bord de l’Eau’ is definitely very voguish in a modern minimalist way. You can also see how Louis Vuitton wants to accentuate nature tone to every corner of the room. Bringing such a natural coloration also spread warm feeling across the room with its relaxing mood. This house is very indulging yet inviting for everyone who sees it.