Every time you see above, you will see the ceiling that protects you from the rain and the sunlight. This thing always exists in every home with a different shape. In the dictionary, this thing refers to upper limit cover as the overhead in interior. The living room ceiling treatments are not in the home plan. Usually, this feature is in the last part of home building. It is to beautify and the room by hiding the mess on the roof.

The appearance of each home will be different. It is under and the order from the home owner. Besides the important function (technical function), this has and the aesthetic function too. String the nine the statement, the ceiling is to give a beauty in the house. As and the other part of the home, and the homeowner wants this part to be perfect too. The taste of each home owner is different, so the various living room ceiling treatments are.

The ceiling designs for living rooms in the previous time are more complicated than those of the present time. They like to use the fresco to be at the ceiling. The other is mosaic tile. The application of those features has the particular symbolism. It is that the function this surface covers the previous time more various it is related to a certain purpose to represent something.

Now we can still have those pop designs for living room ceiling but with a different purpose. The 34th street house actually has and the usual shape of this surface. However, if you notice it, the beauty is radiated. The lamp gives the good illumination and successfully makes this one of the living room ceiling treatments extraordinary. When dealing with this thing, you will think about the other feature like illumination too.

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