Do you have a lot of things that you can’t take care of? You have no more extra space in your house to save these things. Do you realize that you can use your hallway to become your storage space? You get a limit access by the shelf, but there is no limit for hallway storage. You can put so many things in the hallway. Wrap the media of the storage in artistic way. So that, you can get decorated to your house and make it more beautifully even it is a storage.

Why must be the hallway? Well, may be because the hallway is the first room that will appear and recognize from your house after the yard and the door. The hallway is the perfect place if you want to decorate it with full maximum imagination, because you and your visitor will be walk through this way, it is a very strategist display place, isn’t?. Start from now, you must do the planning. Like what kind of concept you put into your hallway storage. If you have a wide hallway, you can freely choose the big shelf that has so many drawers. You can put your coat, shoes, umbrella or the dearest hat in there. This big shelf can give your hallway an elegant or extravagant feeling. What if you have a narrow hallway? Is it impossible to create a unique and fresh atmosphere at your hallway?

The minimalist way to your hallway storage is not a sin. You can explore and put the minimalist and high function furniture in there. You can put your cute and old fashion basket on the wall. So that, you can getting started by put on your things into the basket. Finally, you can fix your problem of lack the storage space.


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