When it comes to home revamping, the first priority for most of us is the “kitchen”. Kitchen renovations can be very perplexing and difficult when you are really not sure where to start from. Yet they can be really fun and exciting when you have a clear idea of the budget at your disposal and the style and atmosphere you are shooting for. And if you are heading into 2015 thinking about adding the element of “spice” to your kitchen, we have just the thing for you. From celebrating the glory of warm taupe shades to old-school hues that never seem to go out of the trend, we identify the hottest trends set to reign in 2015.

The trend in the last decade has been to shift to white for a tranquilizing, graceful and neutral kitchen backdrop. It is a detectable portent merged with a modern style which has its impact on many of the designs. In 2015, we go a step further with black becoming the most desirable shade in the kitchen. Black brings in an air of erudition to the kitchen and also gives it a sleek, bold aura.
If you are not really happy using black broadly and feel that it turns the kitchen into a sterile space, only use it to accentuate the particulars and anchor a kitchen which is decorated in neutrals. And for people who prefer a more timeless look, there is always the option of a jazzy black and white kitchen.

The idea of kitchen being the soul of the house has been taken a step further. The decision of turning a professional kitchen into a friendly-family hub which helps promote interaction and creates a fun hangout, goes on to blur the boundaries between the kitchen and the areas around it. Adding a small banquet in the unused corner of the kitchen or even placing comfortable tufted seats next to the window is a great option. This idea is basically to ensure that every single member of your family gets the chance of gathering and relishing a good family time in the kitchen. The shape and the ultimate design of a true social kitchen depend basically on the specific needs of your family. So, get creative and make the best use of available space to turn your kitchen into a hip and happening spot in 2015.

A categorically exotic piece of furniture or an antique masterpiece is an investment worth making as it will for sure last for a long time. In fact, it is an acquisition that will serve the family; generations after generations. The furniture characteristic of the Shaker people placed in the kitchen is one such beautiful addition that never gets old and it always works well with almost any theme that you have going. Simple, functional and beautiful, it also helps add textural brilliance to the kitchen.

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