A loft bed is a raised bed for allowing the floor area using for the various purposes. It is for using the space in the smart way. This design will help the children for playing under the bed and as the place for study as well. Here are the loft bed designs for kids as your inspiration.

Loft in the Attic create a mezzanine for this loft bed for playing and studying are for your kids. Carlo Mini-Sleeper gives the multifunctional bed set. It provides the working area for the kinds. Cottage Twin Loft brings the cottage of the princes on your girl’s bedroom with the pink color schemed. A Room at Hand serves a multi-function dream bed by combining everything at their fingertips.

Cottage Loft Bed was designed like a real cottage which has door, windows for making your little lady happy. Espace Loggia Kid’s Loft Beds gives the two different designs for the bedroom based on the kid’s need. Room in Pocket Space reflects the modern design for the work as well as integrates sleep and storage of the loft bed. Tree Fort Bed creates the tree house as the bed design.

Your kids will have their own house. school House Firehouse Loft gives the firehouse design on the little boys room which allow them to climb the ladder hidden in the tower and ride down a slide. New Jersey Jr. Loft Bedroom uses the blue and white storage spaces for the ladder and separate cabinets. Rhapsody Bed 1 gives the play area from the slide and space below the bed.

Schooner Wohnen 1 creates the camping outside atmosphere with the tent, ladder and space below the bed. Schooner Wohnen 2 gives the simple loft bed with the working area in the blue color choosing. Nick Studio Loft Bed provides the sleek and modern touch for the boy’s bedroom. Universal Loft Bunk Bed crates the bed integrating rest, sleep and play in area.

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