If you are looking for unordinary theme on your garden, you may see the Japanese garden landscape that you may adopt as your own. It is a large area representing Japanese culture. You will find the touches of stones, lanterns, and bamboos in many sides. There are many detail things you can add to bring the beautiful Japanese culture in. One of the details is by placing a small tree near the pond as the main point of your green areas.

To get the Japanese garden landscape, you can place some small Japanese pagodas as the culture point. These objects will surely give great impact on your Japanese garden. The other thing to get the Japanese ambience is by placing the plants and the rocks together. You can see the natural look of the Japanese environment then. Alternatively, you can simply use the bamboo in some objects, like small bridge or fence.

It is also good for you to have water view in the Japanese garden landscape. It would be better if you put the proper plants and bushes around the pond. You can also place some rocks around the pond to add the Japanese ambience around it. In this case, you may place the lantern in some places, like the pond so that you can also get a water view at night. The lighting of the lantern also creates an elegant ambience in the garden.

The other thing that may help you in creating wonderful Japanese garden landscape is by bringing some Koi in the fish pond. By having that kind of fish, you can add the Japanese culture on your own area. It is believed that by keeping that fish, you will get more luck in your life. In addition, it can add the lively atmosphere in the entire area of the Japanese garden landscape.

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