If you want to build a loft with a light sentiment, try a loft with a Scandinavian touch. It allows you to have an airy sensation inside the room. Located in Moscow, Russia, this loft provides you a very good reference if you want to make your loft very simple and few things arranged. The owners of the loft also have the same principle on why they pick the loft.

Starting with what you have to do with the furniture. It is very recommended that you ensure a compact size of your stuffs. When your furniture is so immense in scale, that will only add a heavy effect on that room. The composition of your lights determines whether the loft is Scandinavian by nature. So, ensure the color of the lamps, better to be colorful, and the same thing applies to tableware and rugs.

What you can consider more is how the effect of grey walls eventually helps to underscore other interior, for instance, a fireplace. Use the choice of furniture with modest shadows in ordinary colors. What you can see from this Scandinavian loft is the feeling of being spacious even though the space does not say so. It shows how exactly the designers want you to feel.


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