Home is one place where you want everything to be perfect and you can keep it that way. One can control the visual aesthetics that are applied on the house interior as well as the exterior. Interior décor however, is what everyone focuses more upon. Therefore, to keep the house looking gorgeous and amazing, one will pick out the best possible and the most unique of everything that will later become a style statement for your home.

However, luminosity of the house is one of the most important features that need to be catered in the right way to give all the aesthetic sense a finished and smooth touch.
MGX has designed just the right, ornamental, attractive and unique ceiling lamps that can transform any living room into a modish and posh lounge space that will give one the feels nothing less than of a luxury apartment or a hotel décor. These ceiling lamps are also known as the “Minishakes”.
The pendant light installations create a rich and dynamic effect that is very pleasing to the eyes.

The color shades that these lamps are available in, are dramatic Black (When your house has the base of only standard colors that are not too dull and not too bright) or refined Havana red (For people who love to live the bold life and decide to give a vibrant look to the house).
Proportioned in a clean and straight row or a height-staggered group (A bunch with uneven installation), these minishakes provide more than just light to your house. This is because they are so attractively designed that it can also act as an art installation.

However, the design is inspired from the collection on display at Centre Pompidou in Paris, and also comes in the shape of chandelier and table lamp.
Home designer Jane Pritchard states that: “I don’t care if colors clash. Personality should be reflected in the house”

It is suggested that before you start decorating your house or opt for new ideas and innovations, one should do his homework well and make an internet research in order to avail the best possible suggestions and then work accordingly.
The minishakes are recommended by all home designers for all kinds of people. These lights are cost effect and have an extra benefit of providing beauty to the particular place you are installing them into.

Also, the un-even spread of these lights in a chandelier form is more recommended and seems appropriate in any setting. However, it is not the final established law to place these lights in that manner.
One should always use his or her imagination to decide what type of placement would make the space look more beautiful and intensify the luxurious touch that comes from these minishakes.
According to modern and posh styles these lights should be displayed in the space where you expect a lot of gathering so that it is like the center of attention. Also, it should complement the color scheme and vice versa.