Recently we found an interesting house that exposes modern design with the touch of nature. It is Te Hana Farmhouse located in Te Hana, New Zealand. The house is a successful work of S3 Architects. The house is designed to be able to blend with the rural landscape around.

The exterior of the house is covered with wooden facade in dark natural wood color. The house is designed in U shape with rectangular structure. Horizontal windows glass makes a good combination with the wooden facade. The outdoor living room with comfortable sofa, wooden bench and table, stool, and fire place is really comfy for outdoor gathering place. The modern kitchen with wooden finishing, orange glossy backsplash, modern tools, bar stool, and open floor plan will give the inhabitant the sensation of cooking side to side with nature.

The sliding windows glass open up the interior to the nature outside. You can enjoy the fresh nature air from inside the house by opening the wide windows. It is like there is no boundary between the indoor and outdoor of the house. The bathroom with tiles wall, wooden cabinet, glass door, and large ceiling lamps is really inviting. Hartshorne on the wall gives artistic touch to the house design. The lighting system makes the house shine elegantly at night. It is really an interesting house design, don’t you think?


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