Using floating shelves in any interior decoration would always be a great idea. It is simple yet good looking at the same time. It could be useful also to deal with small space since it maximizes the available spaces on the wall for storages. The simplicity of floating shelves come from the absence of brackets since they are attached to the wall right away using high quality screws made of durable material.

Moreover the strength of the floating shelves itself are out of question compared to the one with brackets. The absence of such complicated mechanism also makes it easy to clean and maintain so that clearly it could last for a long time of use.

There are many designs of the floating shelves that you could choose to match your need of functionality and also your taste of style. One example is the Backsplash Detail design which is a stainless steel floating shelf. This one is great for modern interior design. Another example is the one named Baldwin One that has dark brown finish with additional lights on it following its length for better look. It is a great choice for decorating your living room.

Another simple idea is to create the shelves with different color on its surfaces and sides just as the one from Sean Michael Design New York. The black surfaces of the shelves are combined with grey on the sides for a contrasting effect that is nice to look at.

Those are only several examples of the floating shelves that might just inspire you. There are various sizes, shapes, and colors as well regarding the use of floating shelves to accommodate different needs of many people. The shelves could be used as storage spaces or simply to enhance the look of a certain room depending on the need.